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Bleek is a real-time, personalized marketing platform.

How does it Work?


Create custom coupons
and loyalty offers on the
Bleek Portal.

Send your offers out
through the Bleek
beacon network.

Customers receive offers
on their smartphones
right away!

Proximity Marketing

Engage customers as they pass.

Instantly deliver custom offers and contextual messages to any mobile phones which have the Bleek app.

Take advantage of geofence. Bleek beacons create a zone of up to 7o meters, ensuring that all subscribers in the vicinity of your business receive your offers.



Loyalty Programs

Turn customers into regulars.

Forget punch cards! Let Bleek platform keep track of returning customers and award loyalty programs.

Bleek platform makes it easy for you to create your own loyalty program. Make your own rules and boost customer loyalty with minimum effort.

Personal Service & Training

On-site setup and training by the Bleek team.

Once you sign up, a Bleek salesperson will come to you and setup all necessary equipment and software.

The Bleak team will make sure you’re up and running, and will train your personnel on best practices.


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What people are saying about Bleek


“Beacon Management Platform, Finally, there is a Beacon Platform which just works and easy to use.”
-Depalma’s Porch